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About VinBrowse

The process of buying a used car is pretty annoying, isn't it? Used car salesmen have a less than savory stereotype, to say the least, and going from high-pressure dealer to dealer is not a fun way to spend multiple afternoons. Scanning through classified ads for individual sales, not knowing if the car is still available or the seller's trustworthiness isn't much better.

At VinBrowse, we're working hard to clean up the process and make what is a major purchase for most of us more enjoyable. We start by building partnerships with reputable dealers who meet our criteria. Then we list their entire used car inventory, updating when availability, price, or any other info changes. We provide a method for you to connect with them to inquire about a car. And then we allow you to rate your experience afterwards, so we can make sure the dealerships are still upholding our standards. We do the same thing for individual sellers who we allow to list up two cars for free.

We also make an effort to show you more useful information than most other sites. For example, we compare every car's selling price to the average price for that particular car in its local area. We take into account make, model, year, trim, and other data. We check this price for anomalies and then show you what we estimate the value to be. This way, you can get a feel for how good the asking price is and have an idea of what to offer the seller. We also let you know if a car takes premium gas only, how good the gas mileage is comparatively, and all the other information you need when evaluating candidates for your next car.

Finally, we allow users to rate any used car they've owned and display average weighted ratings for cars in popular categories. That way, you can figure out which makes and models to look for if you're uncertain.

Our goal here is to make the buying experience better and safer for you, the potential buyer. We hope you'll let us know how we're doing.